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A grade beam is indeed a component of a building's foundation system. It's actually a reinforced concrete beam which distributes the weight from a bearing wall onto dispersed foundations like pile caps or caissons. When the load-bearing capability of the surface soil is below the design loads, it is employed.

The grade beam is really a concrete element that connects the pile cap with the footing horizontally. Wall footing and Grade beams are not similar because grade beams can flex and often stretch between the piling cap as well as the caisson, but wall footing is simply bonded to the earth and transfers load from the wall to the base.

Grade Beam preparation and excavation are required

Trenches must be excavated based on the scale of the beam. It is also feasible to build such beams straight on the ground, levelling and framing them later.

Construct a Grade Beam Framework

Following the completion of the excavation and prep, the beams are set according to their dimensions.

Prior to actually connecting the side shuttering, the beams must be erected on the earth by pre-positioning the bottom formations on their sides and putting the reinforcing cage on a flat soiling brick. Because the structure of grade beams installed above the earth is identical to that of a conventional beam, shutters must be installed on both sides. Once the beam structure is finished, a grade beam with suitable reinforcing cover is required.

Benefits of grade beams

Grade beams are flexible and convenient to shape since they can be bent into any form and size.

For soil and concrete, such beams are ideal: Before being installed, they have the ability to support earth and concrete.

Other materials such as rebar, pipes, conduit, or dowels can be easily accessed with them.

Their products need minimal excavation, saving time and money during installation.

Because of the faster construction period and lower labour expenses, this project saved both time & expense.

Significance of grade beams

Grade beams can indeed be built right on soil surface or above the earth amid piles. if the level of the soil underneath the base is limited, grade beams seem to be the best option.

Grade beams, also known as pile caps or caissons, are a type of foundation element which carries stress from bearing walls to a spacing foundation. Each grade beam offers structural support.

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