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In construction, a grade beam is a type of foundation system used to distribute the weight of a building over unstable soil. The beam may sit directly on the loose soil or be supported by pipe pilings that extend deep underground. Builders then position a series of piers or foundations wall on top of the beam to support specific building components.

These foundation systems consist of heavy-duty concrete beams that are often reinforced with rebar or steel mesh for additional strength. Unlike standard spread footers, grade beams are designed to minimize deflection instead of simply transferring loads directly to the ground below. This allows the beam to span loose or unstable areas of soil, and redistribute building loads to areas where soil is more compact.

Civil or geotechnical engineers can design a grade beam foundation based on local building codes and the specific demands of the project. As part of the design process, the engineer will take soil samples and examine site conditions to find the most stable areas. He will then specify the depth, width, and materials for the beam to maximize safety and ensure the building loads receive adequate support. .

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