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Basement Slab

Apex Concrete pumping is the reliable company in Canada that focused on the development of the basement slab to improve the structure basement projects. Slab basement is a concrete basement without footings. The basement walls are built and then a concrete slab is poured. This creates a concrete slab floor that is, in reality, a floating slab. The term floating slab basement means that the concrete slab is able to move up and down as the ground moves or freezes. This is typically not an issue with a slab basement due to the slab being poured below the frost line. One issue that often affects a slab basement negatively is water..

In wet areas, water often seeps in beneath a concrete slab floor and the hydraulic pressure that it creates can move the slab up and down. This hydraulic action can crack and break the concrete slab and can also force water up around the edges of the slab. . . Typically, a slab basement is poured in a structure that was previously built without a concrete basement floor.

The dirt floor is leveled out and compacted in order to create a smooth, flat base for the slab to sit upon. Once the area is prepared, the concrete is poured in, typically through a window in the foundation. The result is a slab basement that offers a much more stable and clean surface than the dirt floor it replaced. A apex concrete, we take care of all precaution to make sure that all job is done woth utmost care and diligence.

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