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Apex Skill Process

Apex has a framework of focused strategic goal of becoming a leading contractor in construction industry. We are equipped with right equipment, where the pump boom can reach from 20 meters up to 55 meters. We are focused on selecting and executing work options that fits within our area of expertise and where it can have a significant impact over the management of the project. Apex is focused on infrastructure works, foundation, slab and cribbing . We have extensive experience in mix concrete, retaining wall, construction and operation of these types of projects and is knowledgeable of the risks inherent in this type of work. We ensure all necessary steps are taken throughout the project to make sure the structural integrity and performance of your concrete is maintained. Our strategy for accomplishiing project objectives is consist of fairness and commitment that we carry in every project we do. That is why we have a significant presence in the Alberta marketplace.

Developer Relations

We are focused on developing relationships with major developers in the region. Unlike many clients, developers maintain multi-years projects which can provide the Company with a long-term source of revenue and growth. We also deal with sub-contractor for builders and developers of commercial, highway and industrial and most residential construction projects Edmonton & areas.We have appropriate & cost effective labor implementation, management resources which positions us well for profitable growth.

Enhancement of Labor & planning

One of the crucial l elements to being a successful provider of concrete & pumping services is having the appropriate planning, structural integrity of concrete project management, and project execution skills. We emphasis on recruiting and retaining skilled employees to allow us to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. , and Construction Execution capabilities which allow clients to complete their projects on-time and on-budget.

Focused Target Market

Alberta Concrete Pumping Edmonton take pride in creating concrete craftsmanship to make your homes prominent amongst the rest. We have a significant presence in the Alberta marketplace.

Our strategy for accomplishing its objectives is consist of Quick set up,iAccurate and less time consuming,Mix pumping ability bridge deck to house slab..

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